Quick Update

Just a quick update on what I have been up to and what upcoming posts are coming in the future.

In the later haf of last year I decided to commit myself to some serious strength and fitness goals in-order to push and motivate myself more in training. I decided to compete in a few events, including a few runs in 2017, including a full marathon, and a full iron man in 2018.

My training had been going well and in early december I went to an organised run. In the first 300 meters of the run another runner fell and I stumbled to not step on him. When this happened I felt a sharp pain in my right leg, but pushed through and finished the run. The following week the leg was still sore and I assumed I pulled a ligament or a muscle.

For the next month I kept training; running, cycling and doing Crossfit. In early January the pain had not gone away and I went to a physiotherapist to have it looked at. Long story short, I eventually went for x-rays and it turns out I broke my Fibula that day on the run. So I am now in an air-cast and recovering.


So Given the situation above I have had a bit more time to play a few games. I finished Sherlock Holmes and the Devils Daughter and really enjoyed it. I also enjoyed the previous game in the series Crimes and Punishment and feel that these games are a little under-appreciated. They really remind me of the old Lucas Art or Sierra Adventure Games.

I also played the new DOOM which I loved, Watch Dogs 2 which was ok, a lot better than the original Watch Dogs but I fell that once you’ve played GTA V all other similar games struggle to measure up, so Watch Dogs 2 didn’t really hook me.

I am currently playing Yakuza 0 and it is amazing. It is the first game in the Yakuza series I have played and I am coming to the realisation that I have been missing out.

Now for some upcoming posts. I am working on a few posts and have quite a few more planned on a wide variety of subject. I am currently working on a 2 part post on DIY VR. The first part will look at smart phone based options, using specialised software to stream from a pc to a smart phone and the second part will look at a full custom build I am working on, this will utilise a 5 inch LCD display, an Arduino Nano 3 with a MPU6050 Triple Axis Accelerometer and Gyro (6DOF). The first part of this Article will be landing soon. I am also working on a few gaming based posts, some book reviews and so posts on ROBOTICS. So watch this space for more posts coming soon.

Quick Update

KillerRobotics is BACK!

Firstly, apologies for the long delay since my last post. I have been very busy at work and I have also been away for 3 weeks (I went to Seattle between end January and mid February for work and vacation.) 
Here are some photos from the Trip!

Now secondly and most importantly, I am working on a few new posts on some robots I am currently working on and I will be posting them in the near future. So stay tuned, things are going to be picking up. 

KillerRobotics is BACK!

My First Month (and a bit) at Microsoft

A little over a month ago I started my new job at Microsoft (thus why my blog has been quiet of late, and for that I apologise) and I would like to share the experience thus far.

I come from a consulting background and spent the majority of my career working in financial institutions, mostly banks, so from a culture perspective Microsoft is very different.

The concept of a 9-5 style day does not exist, rather every employee manages their own schedule and work as they deem it to be the most efficient, be that different hours (many people here adjust their schedules to maximise their time with their children, i.e. dropping them at school and picking them up again after) or simply working from home when appropriate.

I can truly say the culture is amazing and there is an extreme sense of trust.

So in my second week after joining our entire division (Microsoft Services) was taken away for a fully paid 2-night trip to Sun City as a reward for making targets set by the company. No expense was spared with a 5-star hotel stay, amazing meals, entertainment and even spending money. Below are a few pictures:

A large part of my first month was spent on training. Microsoft has a very vigorous on boarding experience for new employees, which consists of both online and in person training, covering everything from technology to company processes and compliance.

As part of the training in my fifth week we had to attend training in Istanbul, which was a great experience. I had never been to Turkey before so it was an amazing opportunity. Once again Microsoft really cut no corners as far as accommodation was concerned , we stayed in the 5-star Ritz-Carlton. We had a day to do some sightseeing before our training started and below are some pictures:

So far my experience at Microsoft has been Amazing! And the amount of effort they place into employee wellbeing is truly astonishing. This does not mean that live at Microsoft is a holiday however, because with such benefits come a lot of hard work. I look forward to a long and productive career at Microsoft. And looks like my next trip is to Seattle early next year.

My First Month (and a bit) at Microsoft