SpruKits Level 2

In a previous post, I took a look at the level 1 SpruKits and found them to be really good. Today let us have a look at a level 2 kit and see how it measures up. 


As stated in my previous post, SpruKits range in difficulty, level 1 being then easiest through to level 3, the most difficult.  So this level 2 kit is of mid-level difficulty and one level more difficult than the kits previously reviewed. 

Right off the bat the level 2 kit have a great deal more parts compared to the level 1 kits, the level 1 kits all have around 30 parts per model, compared to the level 2 kits that all have more than 90. Some of the parts are also quite a bit smaller compared to the level 1 kits and all the parts are a lot more detailed.

The basic construction of the model is exactly the same with parts simply clicking together, without the need for glue to hold them. The build is however more difficult with even small parts of the model, such as the head, consisting of many small parts. Another notable difference between the level 1 and 2 kits is that the level 1 kits sometimes utilise stickers for some of the model details, while with the level 2 kits all the detail comes from the moulded parts. Even small things like logos and insignias are small plastics parts that have been inset into the models body. 

The completed model stands around 13cm tall compared to the 10cm level 1 models. The level 2 models are of a much higher quality than the level 1 models and also have a much wider range of motion, so they can be posed much more freely. The level 2 models also come with multiple hand options as well as accessories that are not available with the level 1 models.

modelandbox model

As with the level 1 kits I also found the level 2 kits to be a great deal of fun and with the added challenge I enjoyed the construction even more and on top of that the end results look amazing. As much as I recommended the level 1 kits, I would recommend the level 2 kits even more. 

SpruKits Level 2

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