Bite Size C# – DataTable to RecordSet Converter

When working on legacy systems you may sometimes find that a wide variety of technologies have been used, and short of rewriting a huge amount of code the only thing that can be done is to create some functionality to map between the different technologies utilised.

I had a scenario where I had to integrate 2 legacy applications utilising different technologies for database access, one utilised ADODB and the other ADO.NET. Due to time constraints I could not change the underlying code of the systems and rather decided to create a helper class to map an ADO.NET DataTable to an ADODB RecordSet in order to facilitate the integration.

My DTtoRSconvert is a static class that resides in the Core.Data.Help namespace. It contains a static method ConvertToRecordSet that takes a DataTable as a parameter and returns a RecordSet. It also has one static private method TranslateType which is used to map between the DataTable and RecordSet Data types.

Here is the code:

using System.Data;
using System.Reflection;
using ADODB;

namespace Core.Data.Helper
    //Helper class that convert ADO.Net DataTables to ADODB RecordSets
    public static class DTtoRSconvert
        public static Recordset ConvertToRecordSet(DataTable inTable)
            var recordSet = new Recordset { CursorLocation = CursorLocationEnum.adUseClient };

            var recordSetFields = recordSet.Fields;
            var inColumns = inTable.Columns;

            foreach (DataColumn column in inColumns)
                                    , TranslateType(column.DataType)
                                    , column.MaxLength
                                    , column.AllowDBNull
                                          ? FieldAttributeEnum.adFldIsNullable
                                          : FieldAttributeEnum.adFldUnspecified
                                    , null);

                        , Missing.Value
                        , CursorTypeEnum.adOpenStatic
                        , LockTypeEnum.adLockOptimistic, 0);

            foreach (DataRow row in inTable.Rows)

                for (var columnIndex = 0; columnIndex < inColumns.Count; columnIndex++)
                    recordSetFields[columnIndex].Value = row[columnIndex];

            return recordSet;

        private static DataTypeEnum TranslateType(IReflect columnDataType)
            switch (columnDataType.UnderlyingSystemType.ToString())
                case "System.Boolean":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adBoolean;

                case "System.Byte":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adUnsignedTinyInt;

                case "System.Char":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adChar;

                case "System.DateTime":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adDate;

                case "System.Decimal":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adCurrency;

                case "System.Double":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adDouble;

                case "System.Int16":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adSmallInt;

                case "System.Int32":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adInteger;

                case "System.Int64":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adBigInt;

                case "System.SByte":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adTinyInt;

                case "System.Single":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adSingle;

                case "System.UInt16":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adUnsignedSmallInt;

                case "System.UInt32":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adUnsignedInt;

                case "System.UInt64":
                    return DataTypeEnum.adUnsignedBigInt;

                //System.String will also be handled by default
                    return DataTypeEnum.adVarChar;
Bite Size C# – DataTable to RecordSet Converter

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