LOZ Diamond Blocks

LOZ Diamond Blocks are a Chinese-made Lego clone with two unique selling points, firstly the blocks are much smaller than the traditional Lego blocks (they are in line with the size of the Japanese-made Nano blocks) and secondly they have models of famous (and probably copyrighted) characters.


Each set comes in a nice box, with the blocks and instructions in a sealed plastic bag inside so that no part can go missing. 

mario content batman content

Additionally each set comes with quite a few extra blocks, just in case you mislay one of the small pieces.

The blocks fit together easily and the instructions are straightforward to follow, however bigger fingers can sometimes be an issue as a result of some of the blocks being so tiny.

The completed models are sturdy and display very nicely.mario2 batman2

As these sets are relatively inexpensive and a variety of characters are available (from video games, super heroes, cartoons and movies) they are a cool and cost-effective way of decorating your desk.

LOZ Diamond Blocks

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