The Killer Robotics Family So Far!

This Killer Robotics Family currently consists of 2 complete robots and 1 work in progress.

First we have the Autonomous Roaming Robot:

Autonomous Roaming Robot

This robot was built on a Sparkfun Magician Chassis and uses a Arduino Uno R3 with a Pololu MC33926 dual motor controller, a HC-SR04 Ultra Sound Distance Sensor (On a micro servo for neck movement), a Sharp IR distance sensor to detect drops, and 2 trigger switches to detect direct contacts with objects. This robot autonomously roams avoiding objects and drops. I will provide a full breakdown on how this robot was constructed as well as the source code running on the Arduino in a future post.

Secondly we have the Insect bot:


This Robot was based on an Instructable article posted by Lumi3005 ( It is based on a Beetle board (basically a shrunk down Arduino Leonardo) with 2 micro servos and a IR distance sensor. This robot walks around avoiding obstacles. I will be posting a review and build step-by-step guide for the DFRobot kit of this robot in the near future.


And Lastly we have The Geek:


This robot is still a work in progress and is by far the most ambitious robot that I have under taken. It utilises 16 Servos, will utilise 3 ultrasound distance sensors and 2 infrared distance sensors, 2 cameras (a Arduino Camera and a Logitech web cam) and will be powered by a combination of an Arduino Mega R3 and a Raspberry Pi 2. Many posts revolving around this robot, such as progress, lessons learnt and build instructions will follow in the future.

The Killer Robotics Family So Far!

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