Hello world!

Hello World! Welcome to this new Blog dedicated to all things Robotics, Electronics, Artificial Intelligence, Programming, Gadgets and all such things!

I will focus on posting How To’s, Step by Step guides, Reviews and so forth on a variety of topics (As mentioned above). For the first few posts I will focus on Robots that I have either completed building already or that I am in the process of building, as well as some basic electronics needed to start anyone off on their own robot building adventure.

I think it is worthwhile to mention that my main focus is on autonomous robots and not human controlled robots, as seen on most robotics competitions where the robot is controller via a RC remote by a  human operator. This means that there is also a great deal of focus on the development of the artificial intelligence utilised by the robots, this can range from simple obstacle avoidance or drop detection to vastly more complex behaviours.

So if any of the above mentioned peaks your interest, stick around and maybe you might learn something, or start building robots of your own.

Hello world!

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